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Dropshipping partners benefit from an excellent and reliable European supplier in e-commerce at TWM. Banner

Dropshipping partners benefit from an excellent and reliable European supplier in e-commerce at TWM.

With over 350,000 unique items, TOM TWM B.V. (part of the TOM-Group) is one of the largest dropshipping suppliers in Europe. Due to our large and wide product range, international shipping options and fast and excellent service, we are a more than excellent and reliable supplier in e-commerce for our dropshipping partners.

Currently we are not accepting new dropshipping partners.

Due to strategic choices within TWM, we have decided to implement a temporary stop on new dropshipping partners.

We hope to welcome you as a partner of TWM in the future. We hope for your understanding!

What is dropshipping?

You will be completely relieved by our dropshipping service in terms of stock, logistics and shipping. As a dropshipping supplier, TWM takes care of all these processes for you, so you can fully focus on marketing, sales and customer service.


You do not need to invest in stock as a webshop. All products are stocked in TWM's warehouses. Our stock becomes your stock.



We process all products, from receipt to packaging. So you don't have to worry about the picking and packing process of your orders.



Due to economies of scale, we can ship your packages to your customers cheaply. The packages are packaged neutrally, contain a personalized packing list and a shipping label with your company details.

How does the TWM dropshipping service work?

The advantages of dropshipping at TWM?

  • Delivery in 26 countries in Europe

We offer a European network with our partner DHL that enables us to deliver to 26 different countries in Europe. You find the delivery costs per country here.

  • Ordered before 16:00, shipped the same working day

Through direct links and automated processes we can ship any order ordered before 16:00 the same day. Partly due to this fast shipping process, orders can be delivered in The Netherlands within 1 day and in Germany within 2 to 3 days. See the delivery times of all 26 countries via the link.

  • Costs

The only costs you will make are the purchase prices of the products and the shipping costs of the order. You don't pay start-up costs or monthly fees for dropshipping at TWM.

  • Fast and personal service

To ensure that you can inform your customers quickly, TWM ensures that your messages or requests are processed within one working day. You will always receive a response before 17:00 on working days.

  • Dropshipping portal

Our dropshipping portal gives you on an account level access to an order summary, ticket system, tracking codes, all required feeds, API and your account settings.

Platforms and plug-ins

There are several ways to connect your webshop or system to our dropshipping service. This depends on the platform and the technical knowledge within your company.

Use the CSV and XML feeds available in the portal to import our product range or automate it entirely via the API. The API makes sure that the orders go directly to TWM and your customer receives the tracking e-mail. You need to arrange this API interface in the back-end of your webshop yourself (technical knowledge required) or you can choose a plug-in from one of our partners.


Shopify and PrestaShop: GOGETTERS

Importing products, updating stock and sending all orders to TWM. The young and dynamic team of GOGETTERS is specialized in dropshipping webshops and takes a lot of work off your hands. GOGETTERS ensures that your Shopify or PrestaShop webshop will be linked to TWM within no time.


WooCommerce and MyOnlineStore: Mantella

Dropship Tool from Mantella is the solution to start dropshipping easily. Import products, adjust all product data and then simply transfer the received orders to TWM. With Mantella's recently developed MyOnlineStore- and already existing WooCommerce dropship plug-in, a direct connection can be made between your WooCommerce- or MyOnlineStore webshop and TWM.


Gambio and Shopware 5 & 6: Import2Shop

Import2Shop is a German software developer for eCommerce solutions. With their product management tool, TWM's product range can be linked easily with Gambio, Shopware 5 and Shopware 6. Import2Shop is a professional partner with knowledge of the German market and a more than excellent service.

Sign up and contact

If you want to start dropshipping with TWM, create a business account via the link below. Once you have created your account, you can submit a dropshipping request via 'Dropshipping' in your account. Due to the large number of applications we receive daily and the selection of new dropshipping partners we are forced to make, it is important that all fields are filled in, so the application can be reviewed quickly and properly. 

Create your account here 

Do you have any questions about the return policy, the API or are you looking for the dropshipping Terms and Conditions? View the dropshipping FAQ for the answers to frequently asked questions or contact us directly via the contact button below.


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